Work site Benefits/Group Benefits

Creating an exceptional new and ongoing client experience is important  to us in helping you provide the very best employee benefit package for your firm. We continually strive to provide creative, and innovative solutions across a broad range of areas including health care plans, retirement planning, and investment consulting.



Health & Welfare Plans


We feel our role is to act as an adjunct of your human resources team, bringing benefits knowledge, skills, and experience to your organization. We’ll perform all the necessary plan management functions needed to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery of benefits programs to participants while keeping an eye on long-term financial viability.

  • Account Management Services uses a dynamic process that includes:
  • Setting objectives based upon your organization’s corporate philosophy and long term strategic plans
  • Designing employee benefit plans that are competitive within your industry
  • Evaluating insurance vendors, determining appropriate carriers, preparing requests for proposals, and negotiating renewals
  • Implementing programs, providing employee communication materials, and providing continuing administrative and compliance support
  • Analyzing claim data and providing monthly financial reports


Comprehensive Service Packages include a variety of day-to-day plan management and strategic planning initiatives

  • Completing employee benefit surveys
  • Conducting educational seminars
  • Additional services such as customized communications materials, end of year benefit statements, plan summaries and other educational material


We also collaborate with a select group of proven strategic partners to provide even more expertise and plan management services

  • Providing customized benefit manuals and financial reports
  • ERISA and employment law attorneys
  • Assisting with federal and state regulation compliance
  • Preparing 5500 forms
  • Assisting with claims issues
  • Claims auditors
  • Prescription drug consultants
  • Employee communications experts
  • COBRA and Flex administrators
  • Claim and trend analysis experts utilizing proprietary PlanIT report 



Investment & Retirement Planning


 Plan Sponsor Investment Advisory Services

 Our investment management process includes:

  • Analyzing your current position
  • Diversifying and allocating your portfolio-minimizing plan volatility by providing customized asset allocation portfolios, selecting asset classes, choosing investment managers, creating asset allocation and rebalancing strategies
  • Formalizing an investment policy - developing an investment policy statement, determining investment options, and reviewing money manager performance
  • Implementing the investment policy - analyzing investment selection, measuring investment performance against your investment policy statement
  • Monitoring and supervising - compiling due diligence reports, conducting ongoing investment committee meetings, discussing results, reviewing portfolio performance, developing future plan strategies, identifying watch lists, and adapting plans to changing demographics


Participant Investment Advisory Services

  • Enrollment seminars focused on professionally managed accounts and the concept of rebalancing portfolios
  • Professionally managed accounts that ensure participants receive investment options aligned with their preferred level of risk
  • Quarterly newsletters that include summaries of portfolios
  • Ongoing education on a variety of topics, from retirement investing to college tuition savings accounts


Marketing and Plan Design Services

  • Conducting a needs assessment to understand your organization
  • Developing an incentive-based plan design for present and future needs
  • Identifying desired vendors
  • Preparing and evaluating requests for proposals


Pathfinder Alliance Services

  • One-call account management through your dedicated account team
  • Partnering with you to assess your plan's requirements, assist with vendors, and conduct plan maintenance
  • Creating conversion plans to help your company move from a prior vendor to a new provider
  • Developing and executing a business plan so you can make the most effective decisions for your company
  • Providing access to allied services offered by legal, accounting, and actuarial firms



Compliance & Due Diligence Planning


Whatever your needs may be, Pathfinder has the resources, partnering with outside specialists to establish appropriate investment goals, design investment strategies, control costs, improve performance and ensure proper compliance and due diligence reviews with regard to your account.



Executive Benefits


Higher salaries are not always the best (nor the only) answer to executive compensation and benefit problems.

Non-Qualifying plans that are skillfully designed will help executives accumulate and preserve wealth. These plans are often highly effective ways to attract, retain, and reward key executives. They also solve the “highly compensated employee discrimination” problem created by limitations on qualified broader-based employee benefit programs.

Together we can design the Executive Benefits plan that best satisfies your needs.

We will help you with:

  • Establishing objectives and identifying design issues
  • Preliminary design planning
  • Financing and security alternatives
  • Plan modifications and finalize plan design
  • Analyze and select financing vehicles
  • Develop plan implementation strategy
  • Implement executive plan administration

Deferred Compensation Plans - Assist executives to diversify investments, reduce current income taxes, and achieve tax-deferred investment growth. Plans can also address executive concerns about benefit repudiation, change in corporate control, and corporate insolvency.

Supplemental Retirement Plans - Provide executives with additional retirement benefits not subject to government-imposed limits on qualified retirement plans. These plans can restore executive retirement benefits to the same percentage of pay received by other employees, as well as address the special needs of mid-career hires.

Executive Life Insurance Plans - Deliver pre- and post-retirement life insurance benefits to executives that are typically lower in cost, but provide more comprehensive benefits than traditional group plans. These plans can provide special opportunities for tax-deferred cash accumulation, portability and corporate recovery of plan costs.

Executive Disability Plans - Help guarantee financial security for executives and their families if a career is cut short by a disabling injury or illness. These plans supplement long-term group disability plans, providing executives with higher benefit limits, more comprehensive features, and contractual guarantees. These plans can also continue to fund retirement benefits that are curtailed upon disability.

Executive Long-Term Care Insurance - Provides non-discriminatory benefits to key employees without imputed or regular income taxation. Employer premium payments are fully tax-deductible. Special plans are available to be fully paid up by normal retirement age, thus alleviating the need for premium payments during retirement.